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" 妖精打架"(男女活跃的性生活)(英语贴,加人作部分翻译)

送交者: 加人2004/03/02 16:20:35 [江月茶寮]


The "sex glow." ( 男女器官碰撞, 发出光芒万长)

Carrie 卡莉 Bradshaw

and her Sex她的性生活 and the City trio may be the champions

of detecting it, getting it and keeping it, but you don't need a closetful of Prada to appreciate the rosy radiance that follows a pleasant sexual encounter. The fact is, sex leaves its mark, not just on the mind but on the body as well. Researchers have begun to explore its effects on almost every part of the body, from the brain to the heart to the immune system.

Studies are showing that arousal and an active sex life may lead to a longer life,

" 妖精打架"(活跃的床上性生活)会令你长寿

better heart health,

" 妖精打架"( 活跃的性生活) 会促进你的健康.

an improved ability to ward off pain,

" 妖精打架"能令你更强壮,更能对抗生活中的痛苦,沉闷和劳累.

a more robust immune system and even protection against certain cancers,

" 妖精打架"的生活 能抗癌症 和忧郁症.

not to mention lower rates of depression.


所以有空时,多阅读有关爱情的 诗词, 散文.



我在学校时. 老师说谈病人,老人在医院的性生活.

包括双方手拉着手. 和异性谈话. ...

后来看见两个残废的人. 一男一女. 互相喂东给对方吃.


But finding mechanisms for these benefits and proving cause and effect are no easy matter. "The associations are out there, so there has to be an explanation for it," says Dr. Ronald Glaser, director of the Institute of Behavioral Medicine Research at Ohio State University. Thanks to a better understanding of the biochemistry of arousal, as well as advances in imaging techniques, doctors are closing in on some possibilities. Their efforts are leading them to

the hormone oxytocin 荷尔蒙 催产素 (既多造爱,多生产)

, which may be the key lubricant for the machinery of sex. Known for controlling the muscles of the uterus during childbirth, oxytocin surges up to five times as high as its normal blood level during orgasm. Studies in animals have also revealed oxytocin's softer side. It is responsible for helping individuals forge strong emotional bonds, earning its moniker as the cuddle hormone. Released in the brain, oxytocin works in the blood, where it travels to tissues as distant as the uterus, as well as along nerve fibers, where it regulates body temperature, blood pressure, wound healing and even relief from pain.

While it is unlikely that oxytocin alone is responsible for sex's wide-ranging effects on the body, researchers hope that by tracking the hormone they can expose the network of body systems affected by sexual activity and identify other biochemical players along the way. Here's what they have learned so far:


The strongest case that can be made for the benefits of sex come from studies of aerobic fitness.

The act of intercourse burns about 200 calories,

" 妖精打架"(男女活跃的性生活) 一次可消耗 200 卡路 热量

the equivalent of running vigorously for 30 minutes.

等于急跑30 分钟.

等于说, 以后我们不必做运动. 只要先把自己"妖魔化"

再把你的异性伴侣"鬼怪化" . 每天进行 " 妖精打架".

包括在公共场所,你追我跑. 在麦当劳你拥我抱.

在公园拉拉扯扯, 不怕当众出丑.

During orgasm, both heart rate and blood pressure typically double, all under the influence of oxytocin. It would be logical to conclude that sex, like other aerobic workouts, can protect against heart disease, but studies in support of this link have yet to be done.

"Can we make the claim that having sex is equal to walking

a mile or bicycling? We don't know," says Robert Friar, a biologist at Michigan's Ferris State University. "The data don't really exist."


In the 1970s Dr. Beverly Whipple of Rutgers University identified the

female G spot, G 区是女性的兴奋中心

the vaginal (= virginia 在美国维吉利亚州,


on-switch for female arousal,

结论: 只要你等搬到美国virginia (维吉利亚州)住时,就能解决一切问题!

and stumbled upon one of oxytocin's more potent effects:

its ability to dull pain.

Whipple showed that gentle pressure on the G spot raised pain
thresholds by 40% and that during orgasm women could tolerate up to 110% more pain.


A trial involving more than 100 college students in 1999 found that the levels of immunoglobulin, a microbe-fighting antibody, in students who engaged in intercourse once or twice a week were 30% higher than in those who were abstinent. Curiously, those who had sex more than twice a week had the same levels as those who were celibate. Could there be an optimal rate of sexual frequency for keeping the body's defenses strong?

Researchers in Sweden are meanwhile exploring how sex affects another immunological function: the healing of wounds. Here again, oxytocin may lead the way. Using injections of oxytocin as a surrogate for arousal, Swedish investigators have found that sores on the backs of lab rats heal twice as fast under the influence of the hormone as without it.

瑞典 发现" 妖精打架"(男女活跃的性生活)能令伤口更快痊愈.


It's well known that married folk tend to live longer and suffer less depression than singles do. But is this because of more frequent sex, simple companionship or some benign aspect of personality that lends itself to marriage? Teasing apart such matters is difficult, but sex itself appears to be factor. A study of 3,500 Scottish men, for example, found a link between frequent intercourse and greater longevity.

不穿裤子的"妖精" 往往活的比虚伪人类更长寿.

所以为了长寿人类,就要多" 妖精打架"(性生活)

A much smaller study of elderly men found that those who masturbated appeared to experience less depression than those who did not. In addition, frequent sexual activity has been tied to lower risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men, a relationship that is still not fully understood but may involve some interaction between oxytocin and the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone and their roles in cell signaling and cell division. "Scientifically, it's an exciting time that will lead to a lot of rethinking and reconceptualizing of human sexuality," says Dr. John Bancroft, director of the Kinsey Institute.

As the answers come in, the human race may begin to appreciate that the "sex glow" stays with them a lot longer than they realized.







我疼得我眼冒金星, 看见北斗光茫万丈)

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